Donia Butma and the transsexuals are accused of killing Wiam Al-Dahmani


The famous Moroccan transgender nickname (Sofia Talouni), who is based in Turkey, was summoned for interrogation after suspicion, for his involvement in running the account (Hamza Moon Bibi).

The Moroccan authorities issued an international memorandum to arrest Sophia Talouni, after her name was received in the investigations and the existence of a friendship relationship she shares with the main suspect, Donia Butma.

However, Sofia left Morocco after interrogation and traveled to Turkey after making sure that there was no relationship between her and Hamza Moon Bibi.

On the other hand, the pioneers of the social media accused Donia Butma of causing suicide, her fellow Moroccan actress, Weam Al-Dahmani, for nearly a year, at the age of 34, after blackmailing her with pictures, which led to a bad psychological state.

But the matter has not been proven yet, and the death of the young actress remains a mystery that baffles everyone, her family confirms that she died after suffering a heart attack, while sources in the UAE say that she has waived and left behind an love letter.

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