Donia Butma faces 5 years in prison for this reason


17 hours ago

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Rabat: Arab Idol star Donia Butma appeared in her latest appearance on “Instagram” and she lost a lot of weight after being exposed to the famous judicial crisis during the past weeks, after she was involved in the account of “Hamza Moon Bibi” and fined her 50 thousand dollars and her sister, Ibtisam Batmeh 30 thousand dollars, as well. Prevent them from traveling outside Morocco until the investigations into the case are completed.

It is clear that the crisis that Dunya is going through is still continuing, as it seems from its appearance during the revival of a concert in the city of Tangier, where its name has come out the means of research in Morocco during the past days. The information revealed that Dunia could face a prison sentence of up to five years if she was found involved in the famous case of Hamza Moon Bibi, known for his insulting the reputation of the stars of Morocco, who was involved in exposing and extorting many stars of the artistic and media community in Morocco, and in the forefront of the MB media C ”Maryam Saeed, who is reported to be seriously considering filing a lawsuit against Dunya Battama during the coming period, especially since the famous account caused many crises that Mariam Said went through during the last period.

Donia Butmeh is satisfied with spreading a noble verse through her Al-Astori property: “May you hate something and it is better for you. May you love something and it is evil for you, and God knows and you do not know.”
And some clips of the last wedding that she participated in were published in Morocco, through which she returned to concerts after her interruption last period and stopped her concerts due to the judicial crisis that she is going through.


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