Earthquake in the royal court .. William, the future king of Britain, after choosing this position


In a move described as being in preparation for a king
Britain’s future, Queen Elizabeth II granted Prince William a new title, namely
Lord High Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland during the current year.

The British newspaper “Daily Express”
That although the position is honorary, it carries important implications.

Kensington Palace published the news on its page
“Twitter” where it is reported that the Queen appointed the Duke of Cambridge to the new position.

Kings swore an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland since the century
Sixteenth as it is their duty to preserve Protestantism as it indicated
Laws in
Scotland in 1707, which was confirmed in the Unification Act between England and Scotland.

The Queen made this commitment at the first meeting of the Queen’s Council
Of her reign in February 1952.

This comes at a time when calls for the prince have increased
Charles is stepping down as the crown prince to pave the way for William to become king
Britain’s future.

This came after Prince Harry’s younger brother William was announced
Waiver of his royal duties for independence in his life with his former actress wife
Megan Markle.

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