Echo Country: Mona Farouk is in critical condition in the hospital


Actress Mona Farouk published a picture of her on her Instagram page from a hospital, and she showed signs of severe fatigue, as she was placed under the artificial respirator.And also:

And she wrote: Say, God will not afflict us except what God has for us..the destiny of God and what he has done .. make me heal .. God removes all harm and enough evil for you.The artist Mona Farouk recently published a new video clip through her account on the social networking site Instagram, revealing a new decision for her, but her audience opposed her in her decision.

Mona said: I decided to submit to a harsh diet, so I eat some light foods such as fruit.

Mona Farouk received many comments on her decision from her audience, who asked her to back away from this matter.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mona Farouk is filming a new artwork in Dubai, whose details have not been revealed.

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