Echo Country: Rami Jamal from inside the hospital before undergoing surgery: morning surgery


Artist entered Rami Jamal This evening to the operating room in a hospital, after a period of his announcement that he had vitiligo.Rami wrote on his Twitter account: “The dawn of the day is the day of a difficult and long day, so I will be prepared for the morning ball operation, God willing, we ask God for kindness as I have become accustomed to.”

And also:

The singer prepares Rami Jamal To release his new album, and it was his last appearance with Tamer Hosni at his huge concert.

Ramy Gamal’s latest albums were entitled “Layalina”, which included 17 songs and achieved great success, including: “I try to forget you”, “Raha Lahleh”, “Mafish Mina”, “Hakhounak”, “First Look” and others, and collaborated in it with a number A large number of poets and composers, including: Ayman Bahjat Qamar, Nader Abdullah, and Bahauddin Muhammad, in addition to Amir Toeima, Tamer Hussein, Toma, Median, Muhammad Yahya, Nader Hamdi, and Tamim.


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