Echo of the country: After two months, it is permissible .. Aya killed Muhammad with 16 stab wounds .. Accused: You did not love him


Betrayal … treachery
A dead heart .. Headlines of a story and a scenario of marital infidelity. Her heroine embodied a demon
Grace Neima did not protect her husband, despite the fact that only two months have passed since the marriage, on the grounds that she was not in custody
Love it.

The young husband is working
A carpenter goes out to work in the workshop every day to provide for all his wife and home needs, despite his sincerity
His love for his wife saw nothing but treachery, betrayal and bloodshed on his bed.

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The wife painted
The plan to kill Arab-style films and series
Took advantage of Her husband is sleeping and she brought up
A white weapon, a kitchen knife, was prepared with several stab wounds to the chest and abdomen until it was found
He was killed.

And after that she did
By calling a cell called her aunt, she summoned and they both campaigned and threw me on
The side of a dirt road near the house and came back and put a blanket on the room mattress
Sleep to hide the bloodstains Then they got rid
Of the weapon used The personal portfolio of the victim
He has to throw them next to one of the adjacent canals.

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The accused confessed during the investigation of the prosecution that
She performed her crime by bringing a kitchen knife and paying nearly 16 stab wounds
To her victim’s husband until he died, then she wrapped the corpse with the bed sheet and threw it with help
Her cousin next to a road close to the house.

The wife added that her dead husband was forcing her to
Marital relationship and sexual intercourse against her, and he was severely beaten if she refused and decided
Revenge against him confirming that she asked him for a divorce more than once, but he refused and practiced all methods to humiliate her
Because she married him against her will, saying “I could not love him” and that she tried to live with him
But she could not, so she declared his hatred for him and that she did not want to live with him and only found murder as a means
Alone to get rid of it.

In her confessions, the defendant confirmed that she had slaughtered her husband
He slept inside their home after an argument between them, which was caused by her confession that she had married him without her wish
And that she does not love him, as she married him against her will and against her will, she is determined and the intention is set to get rid
From him and after going to sleep I brought a white weapon a kitchen knife and prepared several
Stabbed his chest and abdomen until he breathed.

Then I called my aunt’s daughter to call her, who came and carried him with me and threw him on the side of a dirt road near the house.
We went back and put a blanket on the mattress for the bedroom to hide the traces of blood and then I got rid of the weapon used and the victim’s personal wallet by throwing them next to one of the canals
Neighboring and I walked into his funeral.

On the other hand
Qalubia security services succeeded in solving the crime mystery by finding an eyewitness, Tuk Tuk driver, Arshad
Detectives on the characteristics of a girl who left the victim’s house after the dawn of the day of the crime and with her A bag headed towards the cemetery, which is the thread that connected it
Detective men to the specifications of the second suspect, the daughter of the first suspect’s aunt, who participated in
The incident to hide the crime features and transfer the body from inside the house.

He was the director of Qalubia security
He received a notification from the Shebin al-Qanater police station of the rescue operations that a person’s body was lying on one side
The road in the region of the drummers, Bandar Shebin, the district center.

It turns out the corpse
The “Mohammed S.” 30-year-old carpenter is lying in the side of the road near the house
His queen, who suffers from a number of wounds to the abdomen and chest, was transferred to the morgue of Shebin Hospital
Archways and reservation at the disposal of the Public Prosecution.

A team was formed
My research was led by the director of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Directorate, where blood was found on the mattress
Regarding the bedroom, and in discussion with the family of the victim, she appeared on the victim’s wife, Aya
S.A. “23-year-old housewife, signs of confusion and mistrust by tightening her screws on her and developing her discussion
She pleaded guilty to the incident, where she decided to marry her victim about two months ago
Unwillingly, and despite her refusal to marry him, at dawn today, a verbal argument occurred between them
It was disclosed to him.

Detective men managed
Shibin Al-Qanater, who caught the daughter of the cousin of the accused, “Sabah Makh,” 16 years old, student and confronted
It admits that it was a perpetrator and the white weapon used in the incident was seized and released
For that record No. 4591 the administrative center of Shebin al-Qanater for the year 2019 CE by presenting to the prosecution ordered
Imprisonment of the two accused for 4 days pending investigations and referring the accused to the criminal court.

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