Echo of the Country publishes the referee’s match against Al-Ittihad Alexandria and Pyramids


A source familiar with the Football Association revealed the terms of the report prepared by the international Ibrahim Nour El-Din for the match between Alexandria and Pyramids on Thursday evening and ended in a 1-1 draw in the Premier League.

Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of the first football team in the Pyramids Club, entered the Hundred Club in his career in the league competition, by playing the Ismaili, Al-Ahly and Pyramids clubs.

The source said that the match report included calculating the first goal of the Pyramids in the net against Al-Saeed, not Imad Al-Sayed, goalkeeper of Al-Thaghr goal, by goal.

He pointed out that the report was also devoid of any indication of the presence of any crises issued during the course of the match between the leader of the gap and the Pyramids team from all elements of the sports system.

It is noteworthy that Abdullah Al-Saeed’s goals came by 36 with Al-Ismaili, 50 goals with Al-Ahly, and 14 goals with Pyramids, and his career with the Red Team is the most prominent in his football career, as it was full of brilliance and scoring goals and was one of the most prominent players in the ranks of the Red Genie.


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