Economy News Today .. The price of the dollar drops by a penny in 4 banks and settles in the rest of the banks


Today, Wednesday 15-1-2020 witnessed a number of local economic news, among which were the continued decline in the dollar price, the rise of stock market indicators, and the ministers of planning and transport discussing the details of the investment plan of the Ministry of Transport 2020/2021

Icon “Transforming Egypt into a regional gas export center … the secrets of the Edko liquefaction plant

Egypt has the keys to the future of gas in the Mediterranean region and is distinguished by a long-established industry of oil and gas, which is strongly present on the global map, by having a strong and distinguished infrastructure that qualifies it strongly to become a regional center for energy trade and circulation, and in this framework concrete and strong steps have been taken to achieve Egypt’s national project as a center A regional gas and oil trade, foremost of which is the launch of the initiative to establish the “Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum”EMGFAs well as the enormous infrastructure owned by Egypt, including the natural gas liquefaction plant, Eco.

The Minister of Communications discussed with his Congolese counterpart cooperation in the field of digital transformation

Dr. Amr Talaat received the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Augustine Kepasa Maliba, Minister of Post, Communications and Information Technology in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his accompanying delegation. The meeting discussed the ways to enhance cooperation between Egypt and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the fields of communications and information technology, and to benefit from Egyptian experiences in a number of major projects that It is carried out by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially the infrastructure projects for communications, information technology and digital transformation.

Landline phone bill for January 2020..Payment from 1-15 to 14 February

Telecom Egypt has started WEIn collecting the landline bill, the January 2020 bill for the last three months of last year, and customers can inquire about the value of the bill through the company’s website on the Internet

Hosam Sadiq appointed as Executive Director of the “Comprehensive Health Insurance” Authority

The Board of Directors of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, headed by Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of Finance, approved the appointment of Hussam Fouad Sadiq Tawfiq, the international expert in the fields of senior leadership, insurance, information technology and administrative development, as the executive director of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Authority, as of next February; It provides distinguished management, which helps in the accurate application of the new system, according to the latest international experiences, in a manner that achieves the desired goal in providing excellent health care for all Egyptians and protects them from the severe financial burdens of the disease.

Head of the Tax Authority: We provide all facilities for financiers during the filing season

“Reda Abdel Qader”, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, confirmed that the authority has prepared for the tax season for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2019, and that the filing of tax returns begins from 1/1/2020 to 4/30/2020.

The Ministers of Planning and Transport discuss the details of the investment plan of the Ministry of Transport 2020/2021

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, and Minister of Transport Lt. Gen. Engineer Kamel Al-Minister held an expanded meeting at the Ministry of Planning to discuss the details of the investment plan of the Ministry of Transport for the fiscal year 2020/2021, and the necessary needs of the Ministry’s work plan.

Egypt’s sovereign fund “and” Hassan Allam Holding “sign a memorandum of understanding for joint investment

Today, Egypt’s sovereign fund and Hassan Allam Holding Company, a pioneer in the field of engineering and construction on the regional stage, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to inject joint investments, directly and indirectly, into projects in the sectors of electricity, water, infrastructure and renewable energy.

Financial supervision is modified in the rules for recording and writing off securities

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Authority, revealed the approval of the Authority’s Board of Directors at its last meeting to make an amendment to the rules for listing and writing off securities on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in order to achieve more protection for the rights of the minority shareholders.

A loan of 30 million Euros to finance small and medium projects from the German Development Bank

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority has signed an agreement with the German Construction Bank and the European Union, with a value of 30 million euros, provided by the bank as a soft and long-term loan, to finance medium, small and micro projects.

Housing: a number of housing units will be launched in the new administrative capital soon

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, announced that the Ministry of Housing, represented by the New Urban Communities Authority, is preparing to launch a number of available housing units in the new administrative capital, and a number of fourth-generation cities and new Upper Egypt cities.

The decline in the dollar in Egypt is pushing the price of gold to stability and 21 karat at 683 pounds

The decline in the price of the dollar in Egypt over the past few days caused the stability of gold prices in Egypt today, Wednesday, despite the movement of international prices for the precious metal, rising from 1543 to 1552 dollars, in light of the global anticipation of the agreement between America and China.

And the 21-karat gold, which is the best-selling and most popular in Egypt, records 683 pounds per gram without workmanship, while the price of an ounce of gold has increased to 1552 dollars, but this increase has not affected gold prices in Egypt so far, which was attributed by observers of the goldsmiths market to the declining price of the dollar.

Iron prices drop to 9800 pounds per ton from the factory

Iron prices have witnessed a decrease in the Egyptian market since the beginning of the new year, as the price of a ton of iron inside the factory ranges between 9800 to 10400 pounds, due to the decrease in the price of the dollar to less than 16 pounds, to record about 15.81 pounds, a decrease of nearly two pounds, in addition to increasing production Egyptian and the increase in supply in the Egyptian market.

The price of the dollar falls by one penny in 4 banks, and it stabilizes in the rest of the banks

Today, Wednesday, 15-1-2020, the dollar witnessed a penny decrease against the Egyptian pound in some banks operating in Egypt, including the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Alexandria Bank, the Suez Canal Bank and the Arab African International Bank, while stability in some banks, including the Central Bank of Egypt, was recorded. 15.81 pounds for purchase, 15.94 pounds for sale, and the National Bank of Egypt settled at 15.85 pounds for purchase, 15.95 pounds for sale.

The euro fell today, Wednesday, 15-1-2020, and records 17.59 pounds in the central bank

The price of the European euro fell against the Egyptian pound today, Wednesday 15-1-2020, in a number of banks operating in Egypt, compared to the close of trading yesterday, where its price in the Central Bank of Egypt recorded 17.59 pounds for purchase, 17.74 pounds for sale compared to 17.62 pounds for purchase, 17.76 pounds for sale Yesterday, it was recorded in the National Bank of Egypt at 17.60 pounds for purchase, and 17.74 pounds for sale, compared to 17.64 pounds for purchase. 17.77 pounds for sale yesterday.

A marginal increase in the main stock index closing with purchases of local and Arab institutions

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session today, Wednesday, with a near-collective rise for all indicators, driven by purchases from Egyptian and Arab institutions, amid medium trading volumes, and the market capital increased by 1.4 billion pounds to close at 699.950 billion pounds.


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