“Education” launches the third season of the “Chef of the Future” competition and the first season for “Egypt’s Wear” makers


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The Ministry of Education and Technical Education launched the third season chef competition, the Egyptian clothing makers competition first season, with the participation of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the TVET EGYPT program for technical education and vocational training, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Mujahid, Deputy Minister for Technical Education, and Dr. Mohamed Emara, Head of Sector Technical education, and several leaders of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism, and the delegation of the European Union, within the framework of joint cooperation between state institutions to advance technical education.

In his speech, Dr. Mohamed Mujahid, Deputy Minister for Technical Education stressed that technical education is the key to the progress of countries. Therefore, the Ministry made efforts to develop technical education to achieve a better future for its children by changing curricula and making them keep pace with the modern era, and focus on providing students with the skills necessary for the labor market and even giving them The spirit of creativity and innovation, focusing on ethics, and setting up multiple competitions that qualify them for global competition, thus the student acquires knowledge, quality and behavior.

The Deputy Minister for Technical Education stated that the future chef competition achieved a great success, which led us to launch the competition for the third season in a row, as well as the launch of the first competition of its kind «Egypt’s Garment Makers Competition», expressing his happiness at the students ’enthusiasm for this competition and their enthusiasm, noting Students are distinguished and trusted in their ability to run in international competitions and achieve advanced positions in them.

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid also explained that these competitions support abilities and skills and help to gain experiences, and also opened the door to job opportunities for young people, and they are carried out in stages through training camps and are filtered after each camp, until students reach the finals.

For its part, Shorouk Zeidan, Executive Director of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Support and Development Program funded by the Egyptian government and the European Union in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and the Ministry of Tourism, confirmed that the goal of these competitions is to support technical education, whose students represent about 60% of students Egypt, and the tourism and hospitality sector in Egypt, in order to achieve comprehensive economic development in Egypt and achieve Egypt’s 2030 vision in achieving sustainable development, and this through developing curricula based on competencies and linking them to the labor market, raising the efficiency of infrastructure and providing technologically advanced equipment, to include A suitable environment for learning, in addition to integrating graduates in the labor market in an effective manner in accordance with international standards, and forming partnerships with the private and tourist sector to provide real job opportunities suitable for graduates of hotel education.

For her part, Dr. Suha Bahgat, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Training confirmed that the tourism sector is one of the most important elements of the economy’s strength in the countries of the world, and that these competitions are the dream that we wanted to achieve more than three years ago, to improve the image of technical education in the mind of the Egyptian community, and that Through qualifying the human element of global competition, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Tourism also supports students of the competition with technical support to facilitate the procedures of the competition and training venues.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Afia, Head of Cooperation in the European Union delegation in Egypt, stressed that the aim of these competitions is to focus on the human factor and develop its capabilities and skills in order to achieve economic development, expressing his happiness with the effective and clear participation of female students in all competitions, stressing that Egypt is on the right path In reaching education to high quality, which creates better job opportunities for young people and brings about progress and progress for Egypt.
During the ceremony, a film on technical education students and their competition in the competitions were shown.

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