Egypt announces the establishment of a regional gas organization tomorrow


Tomorrow, Thursday, the Ministry of Petroleum will hold the press conference of the Ministers of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum after the ministerial meeting at the Al-Manara Convention Center.
Engineer Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, and his Israeli counterpart, announced the first stage of pumping natural gas from Israel to Egypt, which represents an important development that serves the economic interests of both countries, as Egypt will take a new step in converting to a regional energy center by importing and liquefying gas in Egyptian stations. And re-export it to Europe, where this development enables Israel to transfer quantities of its natural gas to Europe through the Egyptian LNG factories, within the framework of Egypt’s growing role as a regional center for gas.
It is expected that the Egyptian, Cypriot, Israeli, Greek, Italian, Jordanian and Palestinian energy ministers will agree to establish a regional gas organization during the summit.

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