Egypt Club coach: Our negotiation with Al-Ahly to include Schubert stalled


Abdel Nasser Mohamed, coach of the Egypt Club, confirmed that his team’s negotiations with Al-Ahly to include his young guard, Mustafa Schubert, had stalled in the recent period.

The Egypt Club coach said in statements on Sada Al-Balad channel that the marketing department of his team offered him a number of names before the start of the negotiations, which he is not responsible for.

The coach of the Egypt Club said: “They offered me some names to choose from, and I requested to contract with Mustafa Schubert, Al Ahly’s goalkeeper, but negotiations stalled.”

He concluded: “I think that contracting with Al-Ahly keeper has become very difficult right now, so we are looking for an alternative to it, especially as we want to strengthen the goalkeeping center.”


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