Egypt denies the presence of people infected with Coronavirus among community members in the summer


09:42 PM

Saturday 25 January 2020


Ambassador Yasser Mahmoud Hashem, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs and Egyptians Abroad, affirmed that the Egyptian embassy in Beijing is following up the conditions of the Egyptian community in Wuhan and Hubei Province, through direct contact with them, whether by phone or through Chinese social media, to check on them and provide any support It is possible for them, in light of the government’s decision to impose a medical quarantine on the entire city and to stop all means of transportation to and from it.

He added in a statement published by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that there are no cases of infection among the community members in the city or in China, and that the embassy has circulated a number of data to the community members in the city in order to limit their numbers and collect their data and present them to the Chinese authorities, in addition to the embassy contacting the authorities Chinese, whether in Beijing or Wuhan, to find out any help that the community can provide under the embargo.

According to the Foreign Ministry statement, the Egyptian embassy in Beijing communicated with many of the community’s residents in the city, in addition to the contact of Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Al-Badri, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Beijing, to a number of community leaders in the city to reassure them, and stressed the embassy’s understanding and full solidarity with them under the difficult circumstances that They pass by, and their willingness to provide all possible assistance within the framework of the actions taken by the Chinese authorities.

The Foreign Ministry announced its appreciation of the Chinese government’s efforts to contain and combat the new Corona virus.

And China announced, the death of 41 people infected with the virus created, and infected more than 1,000 others, in Wuhan, and several other cities.

The new virus has spread to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, France, the United States and Australia.

Health officials believe that the virus originally started in a market in Wuhan, where wild animals are trafficked illegally.

The World Health Organization announced that the new Corona virus represented a “state of emergency in China” but declined to declare it an international concern, but the virus continued to spread globally.

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