Egypt .. What is the story of Faten Hamamas kiss that made Omar Sharif unconscious?


Egypt .. What is the story of Faten Hamama's kiss that made Omar Sharif unconscious?


Faten Hamama and Omar Sharif

The media talked about the kiss of the actress Faten Hamama, which caused Omar Sharif to lose consciousness, on the fifth anniversary of the artist’s great death.

Egypt .. What is the story of Faten Hamama's kiss that made Omar Sharif unconscious?Qibla scene in the movie Conflict in the Valley

Despite the marriage of Egyptian artist Faten Hamama three times, her relationship with the late artist Omar Sharif remains a source of admiration for many, and their relationship did not permeate many secrets.

The Egyptian media said that their first meeting was magical, and it was during the movie “Conflict in the Valley”. During the filming, Omar was standing in front of the camera in the scenes that brought him together with a strong charm and strange enthusiasm for a young man who represented his first roles.

During the filming of the film, a lot of funny situations occurred, including a strange one. In this film, Faten presented her first kiss on the screen, and agreed to exchange it with Omar Sharif. When filming the kiss, the film’s events required that he faint on Omar Sharif, and after finishing filming this The scene discovered that he had already passed out, and Omar did not find an explanation for this fainting.

Some people took advantage of this kiss and spread rumors about Faten and Omar that they are related, while Faten separated from her first husband, director Ezz Al-Din Zulfikar, and there was nothing in her life except for her daughter Nadia. She was angry and told him that he was the one who launched these rumors, and he apologized to him that he was completely ignorant of her source and invited her to drink tea with him, and Faten responded to his invitation.

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