Egyptian champion Kisho defeats the Turkish player and qualifies for the semi-finals of the Italian Wrestling Championship


Mohamed Ibrahim Kisho, an elected player, qualified Wrestling , To the semi-finals of the Italian International Championship after defeating the Turkey player 7/10 in weight competitions under 72 kg. The players of the national team won two medals in the championship, where Abdullatif Al-Manea won the gold medal and first place after defeating the Venezuela player 4/0, while Abu Halima won the silver and second place.

The list of the team in the tournament includes: Muhammad Mustafa, Wael Hammoudi, Muhammad Ibrahim Kisho, Abu Halima Muhammad, and Noureddin Hani, accompanied by Ashraf Hafez who takes over the training of Mani, and Muhammad Ibrahim Zaqlat is a coach for the rest of the players, and Ahmed Amara is a member of the Board of Directors Union heads the mission.

Mohamed Ibrahim Kisho is the only national team player to have qualified for the Olympics so far, after he finished fifth in the world championship held in the past two months.

Wrestling teams participate in the African Championship competitions that will be held in Algeria from 6 to 11 February, and the importance of the tournament is due to being among the qualifying tournaments for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo 2020, where the teams of Al Hurra, Romanian and Women participate .

It is decided that the officials of the game’s union will settle on the strength of the team participating in the championship competitions, through holding a meeting of the Board of Directors, as well as the administrative and technical mission and head of the mission.

Karam Jaber, the wrestling and Olympic champion team, had apologized for not participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, who had announced his thinking to return to wrestling arenas and participate in the qualifying tournaments for Tokyo to win a third Olympic medal to be added to the medals he won before, and Karam Jaber had He achieved the 2004 Athens Olympics gold medal and the London 2012 silver.


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