Egyptian ISIS reveals sources of financing the terrorist organization


Haitham Ibrahim Haitham, an “Egyptian ISIS” in prisons in northern Syria, revealed that ISIS funds come from several sources.

“Haitham”, during his dialogue with the media, Nashat Al-Daihi, presenter of the “paper and pen” program, broadcast on the “Ten” satellite channel, said: “They govern lands rich in petroleum wealth, as well as what they receive after entering a certain area such as tanks and military machines, and the money is Entering a government institution or a bank, in addition to other collections of money that nothing is known about, “he said.

He gave advice to young people who wanted to go on claiming to support God’s religion and apply God’s law, saying: “Be reasonable in matters and understand the truth of the matter before you take any step, and you must understand what is happening first and study it correctly”, stressing that he regretted certain things He did it while he was separating his mother and children in Egypt.

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