Electric cars threaten the traditional industry .. and “CNN”: Tesla in the lead


CNN said the Tesla electric car maker had revealed that the industry was a threat to traditional cars, as the electric car market in the United States was getting more crowded, according to Colin Roche, an expert. .

Roche said, according to a CNN report, that Tesla had become one of the biggest and strongest competitors on Wall Street when he raised the share price target by almost 60% to $ 612, saying, “I have proven Tesla It really poses an existential threat to these companies“.

Roche specifically mentioned the message that Tesla sent during the launch Gigafactory 3 New in Shanghai, which was manufactured in 10 months, and began delivering cars made there at the end of 2019 and increased production to more than 1,000 cars per week.

According to the report, shares rose Tesla To over $ 500 for the first time ever on Monday, and it is on its way to a new daily high. The stock has risen more than 8% in terms of its closing on Friday, and has risen more than 100% since late September.

Although electric cars still represent a small share of global sales, companies such as Ford and General Motors have ambitious investment plans in their bid to compete with Tesla..

In the same context, Ford said that it intends to spend $ 11 billion in developing more than thirteen entirely new electric and hybrid models by 2022, and GM recently announced its intentions to return the Hummer with a fully electric version as it expedites its campaign to acquire 20 electric cars. New at least worldwide by 2023.

Tesla is the most famous electric car maker with a market capitalization of more than $ 90 billion, which is more than $ 3 billion in Ford and General Motors combined..

And she was Teslas Model 3 It is the best-selling electric car in the world in the first 11 months of 2019 and its entry into China was remarkable because the country is the largest market for cars in the world.

She mentioned CNBC In April, many automakers, including Volkswagen, viewed China as a kind of electric vehicle launcher.


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