“Electricity” is a good news for citizens affected by the error reading meters … Details


Dr. Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, said that the ministry is working to solve the problems facing citizens, explaining that there is a plan to develop the meters and replace them with prepaid meters that are not subject to the human element that may be mistaken.

Hamzah explained during a phone call to the platform, which is broadcast on the event today and presented by the journalist, Muhammad Al Buhairi, that approximately 8.5 million meters have been installed, and it is expected that the installation of the digital meter will be expanded, noting that this transformation of the meter may take Years so you should work on solving the readout error problems in old meters.He emphasized that the Ministry issued the standardized reading program, provided that the reader carry the program on the mobile phone, the counter is photographed and two pictures are sent for review.

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Hamza pointed out that the program is online and has been tried in Port Said Governorate on 4 million meters.

Hamza noted that the ministry was collecting cleaning fees and sending them to localities, stressing that the item will be removed from the bill from next July.

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