Elisas comment on the “Jerusalem is Our Deal” century deal, and the public encourages her


The deal of the century is one of the most things that completely angered many Arab people, and one of the most discontent artist Elissa, who commented on what was announced by US President Donald Trump, regarding this deal, which was announced at a press conference yesterday and that angered many Followers.

Elisa comments on the deal of the century

It is also worth noting that the singer Elisa wrote through her official account on the famous tweets site “Twitter” “He said the deal of the century will bring peace to the blood of millions of people who were singled out and who did not. And, with our hands for Jerusalem, peace, the Arab rulers are working, not seeing, nor hearing, ”she declared,“ Jerusalem is ours. ”

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Also, US President Donald Trump affirmed on Tuesday that the proposed peace plan, which guarantees that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel and is not divided, and this came during the press conference that was held at the White House and next to it, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He stressed that, according to the proposed peace plan, the proposed Palestinian state will be linked to many roads, bridges and tunnels, and this is for the purpose of linking Gaza and the West Bank, and he continued that this will be provided that they are completely away from terrorism and violence, and he has always led to thinner Israeli security, and on the other side that Many are bothered by it.


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