Emerald, ruby, and coral are in Boutros-Ghali’s brother’s house .. The Prosecution: Stolen antiquities – accidents


The report of the Antiquities Experts Committee formed by a decision of the Public Prosecution to examine the artifacts, which was found in the home of Boutros Raouf Ghali, brother of the former Finance Minister, Yusef Boutros Ghali, in the case of smuggling antiquities in which the minister’s brother is accused, that the pieces that were found in the accused’s house in the Zamalek region are “Egyptian artifacts of historical value, belonging to successive Egyptian civilizations and subject to the Egyptian Antiquities Protection Law, some of which are the result of stealth excavation works in ancient areas, some of which are illegally obtained from the palaces of the Alevi family.”

The report of the Committee of Experts of the Department of Stamping Jewelry and Balances, based on the Public Prosecution’s decision in the same case, confirmed that the pieces seized in the accused’s residence “among them are many pieces of jewelry, jewelry, and ornamentation of diamonds, emeralds, corals, rubies, gold, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and have great historical and archaeological value away from Its physical value. ”

The accused, Boutros Raouf Boutros Ghali, the brother of former Finance Minister Youssef Boutros Ghali, was referred to the criminal court on charges related to hiding artifacts belonging to the Egyptian civilization obtained from the theft and digging crimes, to obtain the antiquities without a license to do so.

The Criminal Court begins the trial of the accused in the case that bears No. 29 of 2019, limiting the investigations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, on January 18th, after he was referred to trial in custody.

According to the case papers, the accused confessed in the investigations that he possessed the artifacts seized from his residence, which were proven to be antique and belong to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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