Engin Akyurek Who chose between Neslihan Atagul and Tuba Buyukston? – Pictures


Turkish star Engin Akyurek flirted with his colleague Tuba Buyukston, who shared the series (Black Love), which started broadcasting three years ago and achieved great success in Turkey and the Arab East, and said that he sees her as one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses.

He recounted: (Tuba has a very special attraction, which no actor standing before her cannot adore, she is a woman with all the features of femininity).

A journalist asked him if he favored her over Neslihan Atagul, his new heroine (the daughter of the ambassador), who also wins a great success and leads viewership. He replied: (Neslihan is also a very beautiful actress).

He continued: (What I achieve with Neslihan is different, her features are also different and do not resemble tuba, both of whom starred as two actresses and imposed themselves).

He added joking: (I don’t mind a job that brings me together, but do you agree?).

Engin Akurek and Tuba Buyukston
Engin Akurek and Neslihan Atagul


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