Environment friendly biofuel made from recycled cooking oil for transportation


An environment-focused truck driver who can focus on improving it can operate the transportation energy with eco-friendly biofuel made from recycled cooking oil, where HVO produces high-quality fuel that can be used in most engines, and one of the major American auto companies has relied on Use HVO to drive her car.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the HVO includes wasted animal fats and fish oil that helps engines start more easily at lower temperatures.

This new method has improved air quality, said Hans Scheib, general manager of commercial vehicles at the company in Europe, adding, “Enabling our trucks to run on waste fuel, including used cooking oil, may seem far-fetched but with hydrogen treated vegetable oils, In fact, it is a very real way that drivers will be able to deal with it soon. ”

HVO is also on sale at selected gas stations in Europe, where the fuel has also been approved by a number of other companies, and is delivered in large quantities by specialized suppliers to the company’s fuel supply facility.

It can currently be purchased in the UK but difficult to obtain in large quantities, and is not offered at most gas stations.

Prices vary depending on location and quantity but are likely to be more expensive than standard fuel, by at least three to five pence per liter in the UK.

Also, as fuel is adopted more widely, the price will drop, and previous studies have found that using HVO can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to regular diesel.


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