Establishing two global centers for registering camel breeds and arbitration in disputes over them in Saudi Arabia


The International Camel Organization, based in Riyadh, decided to establish an international breeding center The CamelsAnd another to arbitrate disputes about it, in a new step from the newly established organization, to organize the animal world of the desert, which attracts many lovers in a large number of countries.

The establishment of the International Camel Breed Center, to be located in Riyadh, aims to restrict all information related to camels and their breeds.

The head of the board of directors of the International Camel Organization, Saudi Fahd bin Falah bin Hathleen, said that the decision to establish the center included the possibility of establishing branches for it by a decision of the organization’s board of directors in the member states as needed.

He added that the center will work to achieve 12 goals, including establishing an international documented database on camel breeds and organizing them and granting certificates of breed documentation, in addition to setting plans and programs to develop a scientific and practical methodology for that, and building electronic data bases for camel breeds, in order to achieve the preservation of all its documents, and control Recorded.

Bin Hathleen explained that the center will be dedicated to issuing breed identification certificates to camels, according to the regulations and instructions approved by the center, and will provide advice and technical support to owners, producers and breeders, regarding camel breeds, as well as organizing exhibitions, conferences, meetings, seminars and activities related to camel breeds, organizing and participating in them And, in accordance with the procedures regulating this, and forging partnerships with various entities to coordinate cooperation between them in all areas related to camel breeds.

He said that the center will organize training courses related to camel breeds and their care, whether for workers in the center or others, as it will represent the international camel organization in regional and international organizations, bodies, forums, and conferences related to the center’s specialties, in addition to conducting studies and scientific research on camel breeds in cooperation with the relevant authorities Inside and outside the Kingdom, contributing to the definition, highlighting, publishing and preserving the cultural heritage of camels, cooperation and exchange of information and publications related to them with libraries and local and international bodies.

The organization decided during its meeting in Saudi, Establishing the International Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Camel Disputes, so that it is the supreme and exclusive body for adjudicating disputes related to all camel affairs (races, advantages, and related disputes through arbitration or mediation).

Bin Hathleen said that the center is an independent and impartial entity recognized by the International Camel Organization, and enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence, and is represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or whomever he delegates for that, and one of its most important principles is fairness of procedures and fair representation.

He explained that the center will work on preparing the legal basis for exercising and exercising its functions, so that it prepares the center’s statute, regulations, procedural rules and any amendments thereto and decisions issued by the board of directors, and prepares the legal basis for practicing and initiating arbitration in camel affairs and issuing arbitration decisions regarding all disputes.

He added that the center was established with a legal reference in line with the International Camel Charter issued on March 21, 2019 in Riyadh, and in accordance with the laws of the International Camel Organization, pointing out that the center will be concerned with disputes that may arise between unions or clubs, members of their boards of directors or members of their societies Or “practitioners, referees, administrators, trainers, registered media and brokers”, or organizers of camel-related events, sponsoring companies, or TV stations.

In addition to disputes related to the use of stimulants, and contractual disputes stipulated in an arbitration clause, it refers the dispute to the center, in addition to disputes of an international dimension if it stipulates in the contract concluded between them the condition of arbitration before the center.

It is noteworthy that the International Camel Organization launched on March 21, 2019 from the capital Riyadh, with the participation of 96 countries sharing the same great interest in the animal of the desert by organizing festivals and multiple competitions for him with generous financial prizes for the owners.

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