European Parliament may force Apple to change iPhone charger .. I know why


Apple may have to replace the iPhone cable again under new rules, as the tech giant may force the switch to cables USB-C – I give up the conductor Lightning Very popular, as the European Parliament is currently debating whether to impose a “standard charger” for all new smartphones or not.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Apple will only have to use this common charger in European Union countries – but it is likely to do the same in the United States of America and globally in any case, and the European Union is scheduled to vote on the issue. Next session, “but he did not confirm an appointment.

The adapter will make existing iPhone cable cables useless, and force users to buy a new charger if they upgrade their device, and this new iPhone cable will be Apple’s third in 13 years.

Apple’s first iPhones used a 30-pin cable, before the company suddenly turned into connectors Lightning In 2012, this move made old cables useless, and the same could happen again.

The European Union has previously called for joint chargers for phones, but now wants to impose the villages, and the European Union has made clear that this step aims to reduce electronic waste and make consumer lives easier, as members of the European Parliament want binding procedures for chargers to suit all mobile phones and other mobile devices, The standard charger should be compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other mobile devices, as old chargers generate more than 51,000 tons of e-waste per year.

If it is forced to launch USB-C For iPhones, Apple is likely to do it globally, to avoid creating different designs for non-EU countries.

The most likely candidate for a new charger is USB-CIt is an increasingly common type of charging port and data transmission that was launched in mid-2014, and the last end of the cable is much thicker and much wider than Apple cables, but it largely performs the same function.

However, while ports are used Lightning Exclusively on Apple devices, except for outlets USB-C It’s now very popular, as most major Android phones now have ports USB-C.

Apple also adopted ports USB-C On many products, including devices MacBooks New and iPad Pro.


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