Experts warn: Coronas outbreak continues for 6 months … and the vaccine is not before 8 weeks


Scientists have warned that the deadly coronavirus coronavirus in China will continue for at least another 6 months, infecting tens of thousands of people, at least, especially after confirming that more than 4,500 cases have been infected in many countries around the world and 107 people have died in China. Sri Lanka and Cambodia are the latest countries to report cases yesterday.

According to a report written by an expert at the Canadian University of Toronto, and published by the Daily Mail report, he stressed that “the best scenario” is the continuation of the disease after the summer of this year, and if the cases increase daily with the same prevalence rate now, this means that the cases reach 25000 other cases. In a few months.

This prediction comes at a time when other researchers say they are at least two months away from trying a vaccine against the virus, and by that time hundreds of others can die and many other countries become infected, according to the report.

Corona Virus
Corona Virus

The vaccine after two months

A scientist in the United Kingdom claims that the SKV vaccine you are developing can be tested in humans within two months, and the medical team from Pennsylvania, USA is testing the developed vaccine, called INO-4800 On animals this week, they hope to begin human trials within 8 weeks.

The medical team used information about the genetic code of the Coruna virus, in which China participated, to try to develop a vaccine that they knew would destroy the virus.

The team believes that the vaccine can be up to 90% effective, if they are right, they will try to get emergency approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA.

The spread of the virus worldwide
The spread of the virus worldwide

Developments of the virus worldwide

For his part, the President of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, said he was happy with Chinas efforts to contain the outbreak after his visit with politicians in Beijing yesterday, and urged the world to remain calm

For his part, physicist Alessandro Vespiniani of Northeastern University in Boston said: “It will not end in the next week or next month,” and the outbreak appears to be getting worse rapidly in both China and internationally.

Expectations of more than 6000 cases in China are believed, and official figures are believed to have flooded hospitals in Wuhan more than a week ago and two others are still under rapid construction.

Examination of citizens
Examination of citizens

Elsewhere in the world, 17 countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland have reported an outbreak of Coronavirus infection there.

Germany is the last country to admit an infected person, along with Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, France, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

Hong Kong also announced today that it is taking extraordinary steps to try to prevent any other people from bringing the coronavirus to the city, which is a technical part of China but has its own government.

Try to contain the Corona virus
Try to contain the Corona virus


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