Fadl: We will see “mixed zone” in the Egyptian League


Mohamed Fadl, member of the five-year committee for the management of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that a “mixed zone” will be allocated for television interviews with the players after every match in the Egyptian League.

Fadel said, in TV statements to “Time Sports”: “A mixed zone” will be allocated starting from the next league game.

He added: “It depends on the sponsors’ board that appears behind the players in the place designated for conducting press and media meetings, which is higher than the marketing value of the Egyptian league next to the application of” VAR “.

Fadl stressed: “Everyone demanded the application of video technology, but we had a previous vision to implement it this season, and we will start using it starting from the second round of the league, and we will contract with four TV transport vehicles.”

He explained: “Training in video technology in 28 days is a great risk, but it is calculated, and we will work to implement it in the best way, and it is natural that there will be anxiety in the early days.”

The referees were organizing today at the Cairo Stadium Stadium for training in the application of video technology.

Fadl concluded, saying: “We seek to renew the contract with the clothing company and end the file of the unified ball in the league matches. We have also raised the financial awards and rewards of the two teams for the Egyptian Super Match, and I thank the UAE side.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly, the champions of the League, will face Egypt’s Zamalek in the Super Match scheduled to be held in the UAE on February 20.


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