Farco explains the reality of contracting with Saleh Juma


10:40 PM

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Books – Reham Hamdi:

Farco club denied contemplating contracting Al-Ahly playmaker Saleh Juma during the winter transfer window this January.

Farco competes in the Premier League (B), though reports have linked Al-Ahly player to move to his ranks this winter.

For his part, Mohamed Khattab, the manager of the contracts of the Farco Club, told “Masrawy” that Saleh Jumaa was not on the table and that the matter was not more than just rumors.

Khattab concluded: “This is incorrect news. We only had two seats on the list, and we already contracted with the duo Waheed Mohsen and Bilal Jamal from Damanhour and Raja.”


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