Farewell, “Sheikh Abdul Qadir” .. the departure of artist Ibrahim Farah at the age of 68


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The artist Ibrahim Farah, famously known as “Sheikh Abdel Qader”, died today, Friday, in an intensive care room in an engineer’s hospital, the uncle of 68 years old.
“The father died after his health deteriorated during the past hours, and the family did not specify the date for the funeral of the body,” Sarah Farah, artist Ibrahim Farah, told the Middle East News Agency.
Ibrahim Farah had been exposed to a sudden health crisis in early January while filming an artwork and subsequently entered into a coma for 3 days, but his health condition witnessed a noticeable improvement before the doctors decided to leave the hospital, but he was recently exposed to a new health crisis that entered after him Intensive care.
Ibrahim Farah is considered one of the distinctive faces in the Egyptian drama, as the audience became attached to him because of his performance in a wide range of works, including “Khawaja Abdel Qadir”, “Sheikh Arab Hammam”, “Kafr Delhab”, “The sweetness of the world”, “Oasis of the sunset” and “Zubaiq” He played the role of Sheikh Abdul Qadir in the series “Al-Khawaja Abdul Qadir.” He created this pivotal role and contributed to the success of the series. He managed to match the acting giant Yahya Al-Fakhrani in the scenes that brought them together.

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