February 15 .. He considered a case demanding that Turkey return 23.5 million pounds, which went to Egypt


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The Administrative Court decided, at the February 15 session, to hear a lawsuit to take international legal action against Turkey, to demand that it return the funds it had unlawfully obtained under the name of tribute, which Egypt was paying to the Ottoman Empire during the Ottoman occupation of Egypt.

The lawsuit urgently called on the state of Turkey to return the funds it obtained from Egypt under the name of tribute, and to issue a decision to seize the funds owned by the state of Turkey in Egypt, and not to hand over the rest of the Turkish deposit and seize it.

At the beginning of June, Egyptian lawyer Hamido Jamil had filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Judicial Court, requesting the court to compel the Egyptian President, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to ask Turkey to return the money obtained from Egypt under the name of “tribute”, as well as the government’s reservation The Egyptian government over the funds owned by the state of Turkey in Egypt, not to hand over the remainder of the Turkish deposit to the Central Bank of Egypt, and to seize it for the benefit of the Egyptian state in fulfillment of the Egyptian debts on Turkey.

The lawyer of the lawsuit believes that Egypt continued to pay tribute to the Ottoman Empire, by mistake, for 40 years between 1915 and 1955, while Egypt’s relationship had officially ended with the Ottoman caliphate in 1914 with the declaration of British protection over it.

The total amount paid by Egypt at that time in gold pounds 23 million and 174 thousand and 984 pounds gold.

It is noteworthy that Lawyer Hamido Jamil had filed a lawsuit demanding that Britain be obligated to pay compensation to the Egyptian people for the years of the occupation, and obliged it to remove 10 million mines laid in the Egyptian Western Desert during World War II.

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