“Feiler” gives a new opportunity to Saleh Jumaa


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Swiss Rene Fyler, technical director of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, has decided to give one last chance to Juma, the attacking midfielder, after the session that brought them together in the past days, hoping to rely on him in the upcoming matches, whether local or African.

Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that there are two reasons that prompted the technical manager to reconsider the possibility of relying on “Friday”, the first of which is the team’s suffering from the many injuries he is going through as a result of stress and pressure of matches, and the second reason is the technical manager’s conviction of the player’s capabilities despite his lack of commitment outside the field.

According to an official source within the team – who refused to be named – the technical director stressed the duo, Salih Jumah and Hussein, the right-back, the need to take advantage of the opportunity that is available to them in the coming period.

The team suffers from bulk absences due to the injury during the past period, as the team missed the efforts of Ramadan Sobhy, Hussein Al-Shahat, Hamdi Fathi, Saad Samir, Mohamed Mahmoud, Sharif Ikrami, Mahmoud Waheed and Karim Nedved, along with the recent injuries to the trio Walid Suleiman, Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Alio Diandj in Zimbabwe’s last trip.

The duo Walid Suleiman and Mohamed Magdi Afsha, the two players of the team, underwent a medical examination before the start of the team’s training.

“Suleiman” complained of a weight in the muscle of obesity before the start of the last Platinum match in the group stage of the African Champions League, while he left the same match before the start of the second half, because of a knee injury.

Yesterday, Sharif Ikrami, the first team soccer goalkeeper at Al-Ahly Club, joined the team’s team after recovering from a fat muscle injury.

The medical staff is reassured of the player’s readiness to be present again in group training, as Khaled Mahmoud, the team’s physician, previously confirmed the player’s readiness to take part in the first session of the team after returning from Zimbabwe. This comes at the time that Feiler held a special session with Marwan Mohsen, asking him to maintain his form after scoring the equalizer in the Platinum goal.


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