Feiler requests a report on Ramadan Sobhi and the coastal star in Al-Ahly


Club coach Rene Fyler asked Al-Ahly A detailed report on the situation of Ramadan Subhi, the star of the team, and determining the exact date of his return to training and matches, in preparation for the use of his services, especially as the team is ahead of many important matches, especially at the African level, and the rays made by Ramadan Sobhi recently demonstrated a clear improvement in the healing of the back muscle that the player was exposed to In a way that promises Ramadan’s return to group exercises before the period announced when the player was injured on December 17th in the team’s training session, where the injury was diagnosed as a rupture of the posterior muscle and requires a period of up to 8 weeks to recover from the injury.

Khaled Mahmoud, Al-Ahly’s physician, confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi is performing a treatment and rehabilitation program to recover from injury, and that things are going very well in the player’s preparation program, explaining that the player trains in the gym on a daily basis.

At the time, Feler Sami commissioned the assistant team coach shirts to prepare a full report on the coastal star team before his expected confrontation to be held on January 24 at the Al-Salam stadium, which comes in the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League, and Al-Ahly needs to win to face the star to overcome The Kabbah suffered by the team after the sudden tie against Zimbabwe’s Platinum in the last round, while the coastal star succeeded in returning to Tunisia with a precious victory over the Sudanese Crescent, so that the group’s position would be tightened and Al-Ahly needed to beat the star and Hilal to ensure qualification for the role The second, regardless of the results of competitors.


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