Fifi Abdo appears with “New Look” trousers clip: “If I don’t like you, tell me so I can change it”


Look down The great artist Fifi Abdo With new looks from time to time on her personal accounts on social media, and artist Fifi Abdo appeared in a new “look” for her during a video clip that was broadcast on her official account on “Instagram” site, and I sent a message to her fans and followers saying: “Good morning, I want to tell you The new look should be in the days of dancing. If you like it, tell me it is sweet. If I don’t like you, tell me to change it. ”

Earlier, the show artist Fifi Abdo participated in a “video” while she was “dousing” the ducks through her account on “Instagram”, which appears to be during one of the filming sessions while she was afraid, which sparked a state of laughter for her fans, and the audience of the artist Fifi Abdo, commented On the video, where one of them said: “Oh, Vivi strangled her .. It is not enough to catch her .. forbidden,” and another wrote: “The most beautiful thing in it is that she is spontaneous .. and everything is done by simplicity.” And another says: “Moon, O God, our Lord, your hands are healthy.” Another follower commented, “It is forbidden for you to be the terrified duck.”

Fifi Abdo
Fifi Abdo

And the artist Fifi Abdo sits on the throne of the Egyptian belly dance, that she also extended to the social media to become trend with any appearance through a very special composition formed by “Vova” throughout the past period, with its strong and spontaneous presence that is admired by her followers and fans who have become They are waiting for what their beloved star, who always invents sentences, will do as soon as she hesitates to spread quickly and is associated with her name, and she is associated with many phrases, including 5 moa to honey skimmers, and he also shared videos while performing the dance.

The last work of Fifi Abdo was the series “Kingdom of the Roma”, which was presented last Ramadan, written by the writer Mohamed Al-Ghaiti, directed by Abdulaziz Al-Hashad, and co-starring Houria Farghali, Sameh Al-Sorieti, Ahmed Karara, Sanaa Shafea, Hazem Samir, Mayar Al-Ghaiti, and Azza Mujahid..


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