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The most famous of them is Kazushi Miyura, a living Japanese legend, but he is not the eldest. Football has its shafts, and whoever loves the ball does not abandon it, no matter how old he is.

In Japan, Kaziushi Miura appeared in the early 1980s. His start with football was before he set out a date for himself and his country. As Miura gets older, he leaves the ball, so he decides to continue on the field even if he turns away from the limelight.

Now, Miura has reached the age of 52, yet he is still a soccer player with the Yokohama team in the Japanese second division.

Although the Japanese legend is the most famous soccer hierarchy, yet the largest in the world today is Isaac Hayek. A 74-year-old Israeli man plays as a goalkeeper for the Ironi team in the Israeli third division

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Now let’s get from the stories of these people, because the number is close to being Egyptian.

Izz al-Din Bahadur. An Egyptian engineer aged 75 years. He decided to become the largest player in the world. Contact Ezzeddin Bahadur. He knew his story, and decided to support him until the number is achieved, and convert the number to New Egypt number.

Ezzeddine Bahader has never played football professionally with a club, but he has always been passionate about football.

During his service in the army he was in the weapon of removing bombs. “The weapon to remove bombs is the most dangerous weapon in time of war, and on the ladder it is (Hilton Army).” Thus says Izz al-Din Bahadur.

And Bahader tells In a rainy atmosphere, “I have always loved football. Everywhere I go, it is the first thing I do to build a soccer field.”

“In the army, sometimes I used to finish my mission of removing the bombs, then I put two bombs to build them with a goal and play football with my teammates even if I was bricked. Nothing may hinder you from practicing what you love.”

But why exactly did you decide to become a football professional? “Previously, I had no chance to become a football player. I went to engineering and succeeded in it. At one point I was the only pre-fabricated architect in Egypt,” he says.

He added to“Now I looked at the list of the biggest players in the world, and I found the biggest of them younger than me. His story is similar to my story, but his nationality is Israeli, so I said why don’t I work on myself and write the history for my country.”

“I was planning for two and a half years ago, and yet I did not tell one creature about it. I used to smoke and drink shisha, and since I made this decision I refrained from all of this and made my number my only concern to destroy it,” Bahader concluded.

He continued, “My family did not know my decision until two weeks ago, when I was surprised by the response of the Guinness book of encouragement to agreeing to attend a jury.”

current situation

Ezzeddine Bahader, contact the Guinness Book of Records. He told them his story and they already agreed to test it and now it’s time for the next step.

The Egyptian engineer is required to play two full official matches. But first it has to be registered in a club.

How will persuade clubs to register him? Bahadur says“I am looking for a club for my registration now. It will be beneficial for me, for all of Egypt and for the club as well.”

He explained “I am looking for a team in the middle of the schedule of one of the Egyptian league levels, so that they will not be competitors to land or climb. Then it will be easier to convince them, and with the achievement of the number he will still be associated with them. Standard. This would be a great marketing thing for them. ”

“I am ready for the match. I have to play 90 minutes in two games. What is special is that I am a striker and not a goalkeeper, so the number will be more difficult to break in the future, and this is my goal.”

The last hurdle

Guinness Encyclopedia informed Ezzeddine Bahader that the match should be confirmed on January 24 at the latest. The date was fixed for him on February 15, and for this to happen the Egyptian engineer must be registered in one of the clubs before this date.

Now, Izz Al-Din Bahadr has trained and is ready to play at the age of 75. Get in touch with Guinness officials and get their approval, as we did To publish the story, and only one Egyptian club has agreed to register the player and play the two games, so that the pillars of writing the unique historical number are completed with Egyptian hands.

Report: Ahmed Al-Arian

Directed by / Amir Rabie

Photography: Mostafa Sami

Editing: Akram Ayman

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