FilGoal | News | Al-Muzain speaks to Joule about the custom of gifts … and what happened to his team after Al-Ahly’s second goal


“This is my habit, I like to give gifts to the competing coaches before the matches,” said Ayman Al-Muzain, who started talking about the snapshot that took place before all the Tanta games, where the coach gives his opponent a gift.

“When the coach is a foreigner, I give him a gift from Egypt’s pharaonic heritage,” Al-Muzain revealed to

The coach, Al-Ahly, coach Al-Ahly presented the statue of Tutankhamen before confronting the two teams, which Al-Ahly won by five without response.

Al-Muzayen went on to talk about the same game, saying: “It is impossible to expect to lose by five, even if the opponent is Al-Ahly.”

He added, “We used to play normally, even after Al-Ahly’s first goal and until the 78th minute. The team had a shape and took possession of the ball, perhaps without risk, but it is difficult to lose 5-0.”

“Since the 79th minute, with the second goal entering, the team (FCK) has completely entered and the players have been frustrated.”

“Al-Ahly club has always been dangerous in the first quarter of an hour, and the last quarter of an hour, and this is what I told the players. All Al-Ahly players have solutions,” he stressed.

“I have to get the players out of frustration before Tuesday’s confrontation with El Gouna. We need 3 points. If we don’t get them, it will be a big problem,” he concluded.

Tanta is currently 16th in the Egyptian league standings with 10 points after 13 rounds.

Tanta is preparing to face El Gouna on January 21st in the 14th round of the championship.

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