FilGoal | News | Aliyu Badji’s representative in Joule: Al-Ahly spoke to us, but we face the same problem as you


Ivo Chi agent Rapid Vienna striker Alliu Badji revealed contacts from Al-Ahly to include the Senegalese player, but pointed to a point threatening negotiations with the Red Club.

Al-Ahly continues to seek a contract with a foreign striker at the request of Swiss coach Rene Weiler, the 22-year-old Badji, one of the candidates at the Red Genie table.

Che said to today, Tuesday: “Yes, Al-Ahly has spoken to me over the past few days about joining Alio from Rapid Vienna.”

However, “to be frank, there is no player who wants to leave Europe and return to play in Africa, there is a big difference between the continental competitions in Europe and the African Champions League.”

He added, “What makes it more difficult is that Al-Ahly is a big team in Africa, and therefore returning from it to Europe will not be easy because Al-Ahly will ask for big numbers in the event of European offers.”

Then he added, “But Alliu welcomes the move to Al-Ahly if the financial offer is attractive, and his salary is greater than what he receives in Rapid Vienna.”

“Al-Ahly was informed of Alios requests, and awaiting their response,” he added.

Does this mean that negotiations between Al-Ahly and the player’s agent will stop? He said, “No, contacts with Al-Ahly are still valid today.” asked Badge’s agent about Rapid Viennas position on dispensing with their Senegalese striker, who scored 3 goals in the Austrian league this season.

He replied, “Rapid Vienna welcomes the sale of Alio, there is no problem with this.”


Badji has played in Rapid Vienna since February 2019, scoring 9 goals and making 3 with 34 games.

Elio Badji’s agent cited an example of the demands that Al-Ahly clashed with in his negotiations with the Nigerian Blessing Aliki, a Swiss Luzern striker.

“Al-Ahly spoke with my friend, an agent of Eliki, for his inclusion, but he withdrew from the negotiations because of the material requests of the two ministers to abandon him,” he said.

“The same applies to you, he does not want to leave Europe unless the offer is tempting.”

The last period witnessed communication between Al-Ahly and delegates from Eliki, who expressed his readiness to train again under the leadership of his former coach. Rebecca Fyler, as the Nigerian striker participated in Lucerne’s shirt in 23 matches and scored 11 goals.

However, know Al-Ahly did not reach a financial agreement with the Swiss Lucerne, in light of the big difference between the Red Club’s offer and Lucerne’s material requests, which amounted to approximately one million euros. (Read more)

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