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Al-Ahly’s new striker, Alio Badji, said that he will always remember the day he joined the team because he corresponded with the same day that Muhammad Abu Trika joined the legend of the club 16 years ago, indicating that he dreamed of walking on the path of African football legend Didier Drogba, as well as Abu Trika. And this is in a lengthy dialogue with the official website of Al-Ahly Club.

Badji started his speech by saying: “I grew up in the Casa Sport Academy in Senegal, I have many memories and aspirations with the team that I started in, and my presence today in the ranks of Al-Ahly was one of those aspirations.”

“I remember a lot of the difficulties I faced in my beginnings with the academy team, and I also remember that I had a distinct talent compared to many of my colleagues and I was always keen to preserve it, and many coaches helped me at that time.”

He continued, “The difficulties I faced in my life are no less than that faced by Salah Salah or Sadio Mane, the Liverpool stars in their beginnings. I was one of the distinguished players in my Senegalese team, yet I was excluded from the basic formation and even the bench.”

“I dealt with this professionally in order to achieve the best in my football life, which is what happened after that. I became a professional player in more than one European club and now I play in the ranks of Al-Ahly, the largest African club ever.”

“I did in the face of the difficulties, what Salah and Mani did, and I endured a lot and rejected the problems. My motto has always been commitment and professionalism, and this step helped me achieve some of my aspirations and succeeded in professionalizing in two big clubs headed by Al-Ahly.”

The 22-year-old started his career with the Casa Sport Academy before his escalation of the first team, and in January 2017 he joined Swedish Diocarden before he left in February last year for Rapid Vienna for 1.5 million euros, and on Thursday he joined Al-Ahly.

Drogba Senegal

Badgey talked about his idol in football, saying: “My idol in football is Didier Drogba, Chelsea legend. I love his way of playing and in Senegal they called me the title of Drogba Senegal.”

“I love this player, his fight on the ball, his insistence, his strength and what he presented to his country and the clubs he played for, which is a matter of pride and I hope to become like him one day.”

“My current focus is with Al-Ahly only and I hope to win all the championships with him, but I dream of professionalism in the ranks of Chelsea English one day because he is my favorite team since childhood, or playing in a team of the largest European clubs such as Barcelona or Real Madrid.”

Badji’s biggest scoring record was with the Swedish Diocarden team, as he played 54 games in all competitions, during which he scored 15 goals and made 4 others, and in Rapid Vienna he played 34 games, scored 9 goals and made 3 others. With the Diurgarden under-21 team, he played 16 games, scoring 12 goals and making 3 others.

Badji turned to his fellow Sadio Mane “What Mani does is a matter of pride for the whole of Senegal. He is a great player and offers a distinguished level with his team and his country. He has a personal relationship with him because we live in one city, and I met him at the airport and I was always in contact with him through social media, he is a very humble person, and he offers me Many tips constantly. ”

“I will tell him that I chose to play for Al-Ahly among the many offers I received recently,” he added.

He continued, “Manny gave me many tips, among them that my ambition is to be professional in the English Premier League one day, and to fight in every club I play for, and take advantage of every opportunity in front of me to score goals, and I am always keen to develop my level until the origin of what qualifies me to play in England “.

Dreams with Al-Ahly

Badji touched on his wishes and aspirations with Al-Ahly, saying: “I wish to score many goals for Al-Ahly and achieve all championships, especially the African Champions League because it is the most important among the fans and all players in the team now, I hope Al-Ahly is a step that increases my chances of joining the Senegal team in the next version of Nations Cup and win the title with the national team as well. ”

“I feel very happy to join Al-Ahly, I know that club since my childhood, and it has a great history, and upon my knowledge of his desire to contract with me, I started asking about him some Senegalese players in the Egyptian league, and they assured me that he is the most professional club on the continent, which I really touched Since the beginning of the negotiation with me, and I have confirmed it with my arrival in Cairo, my domestic entry, and seeing the club from within, I can confirm that I found better than I heard. ”

He added, “My experience in the Swedish league is excellent. The Djergarden team was like a family to me, and I am part of it, despite the difficulty of the beginning and the lack of a continuous presence in the main formation, but I soon imposed myself and contributed to the team’s victories.”

The 22-year-old then talked about his desire to represent the Senegal national team through the glittering portal with Al-Ahly, saying: “I look forward to being in the formation of the Senegal team and expressing my potential with the Teranga lions in the coming period, through the portal of the Century Club in Africa. Playing with the Senegal team is a great honor for any player.”

“I was the top scorer for the junior stages in the teams without a competitor, and I do not exaggerate when I say that I am one of the most prominent talents there, and I am sure that one day I will achieve my goal of joining the ranks of the first team.”

He added, “Joining Al-Ahly, the largest clubs in Egypt and Africa, is an ideal opportunity to prove my worth by defending the colors of the team, because of the team’s popularity and strong presence in African and international forums, I have great hope in scoring many goals in the club shirt, and obtain the title of top scorer in the league and the Champions League.”

“I have great enthusiasm to wear the Al-Ahly shirt for the first time and play in front of its fans. I am here to put all my energy into the field, praying to God for the team and his fans that he always helps me to score a lot of goals and contribute to winning titles and happiness of the fans.”

Badji played with the Senegal U-20 team in the 2017 Nations Cup and participated in 5 games. He reached the final and scored a single goal that was most important because he won against the Lions against Guinea in the semi-final, then he lost from Zambia, and in the 2017 World Cup he participated in 4 games and bid the tournament from The round of 16 made a single goal against Saudi Arabia.

Abu Trika

The Al-Ahly striker went on to talk about his joining the team on the same date as Mohamed Abu Trika joining the club, saying: “Part of my happiness is to represent Al-Ahly because the date of my joining the team corresponds to the same date as Mohamed Abu Trika joined the Egyptian and African football legend 16 years ago. I will always remember this, he was a player More than wonderful, and I hope to follow his path and succeed in leaving my mark with the team and contribute to the happiness of his fans. ”

He continued, “I know the difficulty of competing with my colleagues in light of the high quality of the players, and I must use all my energy to reserve my place in the formation during the coming period, when I will have the opportunity, I will not overlook it.”

He added, “It is wonderful to be the first Senegalese to join Al-Ahly club. It will be a challenge for me. I will succeed in registering my name in the history of the biggest club in Egypt and Africa.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Arab contractors in the 14th round of the Egyptian League on Sunday.

Finally, Badji commented on the shirt crisis with Rapid Vienna fans when a picture of him spread to the Red Bull Salzburg shirt: “The crisis with Rapid Vienna fans ended quickly, it was not good to make such a mistake, and I learned from him. I got the shirt as a gift from one of the fans, which is What I explained to the fans who understood the situation. ”

“I did not hesitate to accept Al-Ahly’s offer. I was very comfortable to take this step despite the difficulty of leaving Europe and returning to Africa. I joined the biggest club in the continent despite the presence of many offers in the French, Russian and Turkish league.”

The Senegalese striker concluded his speech by sending a message to the fans, saying: “I thank the fans of Al-Ahly a lot for the tremendous support and the special welcome that I have found since I signed up for the team and the first day in Cairo. You will obtain the titles you aspire to in the coming period. ”

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