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Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeo said that there is a clause in the new team coach Kiki Citen contract that allows the new elected president of the club to dismiss him in 2021 if he wants to do so a year before the end of his original contract. This is at the coach’s presentation conference on Tuesday.

Bartumio stated: “First of all, I would like to thank Kiki Citin for accepting the challenge, a team like Barcelona has its own difficulties but also there are its rewards, it is wonderful to be with us, we know Kiki well through his playing and interest in the game and the way of playing, and we agree on that With him. ”

“I want to thank Ernesto Valverde for everything he did for us. It was a very good relationship. I would like to explain the reason for the change. We know that things did not go well despite the results were very good.”

“We know that the requirements of the game have evolved and the coaches already know that, and we talked about that with Valverde, in the summer we had a conversation with him and we were very close, in the last days we talked to him and things evolved somewhat.”

“We decided to change now because we are in the middle of the season and need a strong push, with this momentum and with this new change, we aspire to win the League, Champions League and Cup,” he added.

And press reports had linked Barcelona to the appointment of Xavi to succeed Kiki Citin as the coach of the team, but the club’s legend preferred to continue with his current team, the Qatari Al Sadd.

“Of course I would have liked things to go differently, in recent weeks and months we have spoken with other coaches for the future, it was imperative that we move around and it happened and it is time for change,” Bartumio added, speaking on the matter.

“We had been with the experts for a long time thinking about a large number of coaches and no name came out of the public, in the end there was a name that should not have come out because the negotiations were private, but it was like that, I was hoping that would not happen.”

“Over the past year, there have been many demands that Valverde not continue, but I have always trusted him, I have always liked the way he works,” he said.

“In recent weeks things got worse, we talked to him, it was nothing new to him after the conversation. We decided a few days ago that it was better to change the coach.”

When asked about the possible appointment of Xavi as the coach of the team in the future, he said: “Kiki Citin is linked to a contract with Barcelona until 2022, but there are elections in 2021, and there is a clause allowing the new elected president to change the coach if he wanted to.”

Catalan coach Eric Abidal also talked about how to choose Kiki, and he refused to talk about Xavi.

“Keke made clear to us his philosophy, the way to communicate and how he felt about the players, it all mattered, he always focused on the details, and reminds me of my time as a footballer when the details are important to win the titles, we know we can do many great things, you are in your house, oh Keke. ”

“I will not talk about Xavi, but a lot about the current situation and the club’s situation. The administration needed answers in order to make decisions. Every coach has his plan, his way of working, and his image, but decision-making is a different matter. We have to think about the club and its project.”

“Kiki is here because he has a project and we love him. We have full confidence in him and his crew. I respect all the coaches we talked to, but we must make decisions, and for us the perfect option for the club was Kiki Citin.”

Kiki’s career with the Catalan club begins on Sunday in the 20 th round of the Spanish league when he faces Granada.

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