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Barcelona coach Keke Citin said he has always been impressed by what his star Lionel Messi has been doing, as well as the Catalan team for the past decade and what preceded him, but his admiration for the Argentine wizard is one thing and his training is another, in his interview with reporters.

Cittin began a presentation to reporters on Tuesday, saying: “I have always had a good relationship with Ernesto Valverde, I appreciate what he has done, his way of sticking to his principles and many other things, I will try to communicate with him because there are some things he has done that will help us.”

“Valverde’s work with the team causes us to thank him, in relation to the other side, I spoke with the players and we communicated for the first time, the preparation was not normal, and we are confident that this will help us quickly because of the many requirements and matches.”

“I have always listened to everyone and it is difficult to get out of my mind the things I am convinced of. I am the first person to defend my team and I will die with my thoughts. Barcelona will continue in his way and we will develop everything as possible.”

“Yesterday I was walking next to my house in the village and the cows around me, and today I’m in Barcelona coaching the best players in the world.”

Barcelona announced on Monday evening the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde after two and a half years in which he led the club, and appointed Kiki Citin as coach.

On his goals, the 61-year-old stated: “My goal is to win everything that can be won, there is no other way to evolve and crown all the available titles besides playing well, the best way to win is to play very well, it is important to make that clear.”

Kiki talked about Lionel Messi saying: “I said some things, not only about Messi and being a special and unique player, I am never ashamed to admit that I enjoyed in the last 12-14 years in front of the TV I watch this team and these players make football something fun.” .

“They did it every day and every match. In every match we see something or fun, we see Messi enjoying the eyes with what he has to offer.”

“We talked, and in fact, admiration is one thing, and knowing that this is a fact and that I have become the coach is another thing, besides that everyone should focus to do the right job, the relationship will be wonderful and you will see that I am a sincere and direct person, when I see something I will try to fix it.”

Kiki has always praised Lionel Messi ‘s abilities, and said he can do his best every week at the same level for 10 years, making him immortal in memory.

The former Real Betis coach continued his talk to the media, saying: “Every time a new coach is appointed, there is an incentive for everyone inside the dressing room which is always noticeable, it may be a little, but the motivation that I saw in the training today is what we must maintain.”

“I did not meet a coach like another, we are all different from each other, I don’t know whether my way is the best or the worst, but it is my way and I am convinced that I can transfer the things I love and we can do well.”

“Nobody thinks that everything is okay, we have the energy to be in a different place, to present our method and to show what we can do and what sets us apart from others. The details are very important as well as communication.”

He continued, “There are many clear things that we will try to apply and prove that they are not words. The requirements and the situation of the club itself always push you to provide the best.”

“I don’t know what the team and the players will be, but the reality is that you will be with them and live in their context. In the end, you don’t know how far they can go on,” he added.

Josep Maria Bartomeo said that Kiki’s contract lasts until the summer of 2022, but there is a clause in the contract that allows the new elected president of Barcelona to dismiss Citin.

Kiki touched on talking about his philosophy with Barcelona and the changes he might make, saying: “Everything happened quickly today, yesterday I was at home and today I am here, everything is new to me, I saw the team in training for the first time, there is a lot to talk about, I can Saying that I listen to everything, of course the incentive for those who do not participate will be higher than those who participated, there will be many changes and I must create my own composition.

“We have a clear philosophy, but we will not talk until we see what will happen, for young people. Small talents join the first team because they deserve, and I have a great motivation and incentive to look after these young people because when a new talent emerges there is a lot of energy that pushes the older players not to slack down until they lose their places.” .

“It is a message he has always sent. If the youth develop and win the games, they will play in the first team and become important,” he added.

He continued, “I think we have many things to talk about, we have time to clarify things well, I am sure we agree on the decisions that will be taken, we will evaluate things together, and I will listen, I am in the club staff and convinced that we are together in good and bad times.”

“The important thing for me is philosophy, to be clear and the way we play is also clear. Think about the 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 method that we played recently, I will not discuss it, but I will leave it here within the words, because we first need to see Many things, philosophy does not change and the way gameplay can explain that. ”

“Of course in the clubs that I coached, I was sure the team would play well, in Las Palmas, Lugo and Real Betis, those teams played well,” added Kiki.

“You all saw that there was a clear identity, here we are talking about the Barcelona team that played well all the time, even in the last game, there are a few things that need to evolve if it continues like this.”

“It only took me 5 minutes to accept the offer. Yesterday, they told me that I could become a coach for the team, because I am one of the candidates, but I never thought that I would be chosen.”

“I do not have a great CV, I have not been crowned with titles, I just need to prove that I love that philosophy with which Las Palmas, Real Betis and Lugo played good football.”

Barcelona will face its Granada counterpart at Camp Nou in the first match of Kiki as the coach of the team on Sunday, in the 20 th round of the Spanish League.

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