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Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said that his team will not sell Mohamed Salah, Nabi Keita and Sadio Mane the Red Stars due to the holding of the African Cup of Nations in January, noting that anyone will think a lot before buying a player from the continent because of the tournament’s date.

The Liverpool coach spoke to the press conference saying: “It is a very, very important match. We have to learn to deal with matches like this with the right behavior. We haven’t done bad things in the past but we can still develop.”

“The Old Trafford match was an example, we did not give our best because of their quality, we have to make it seem as if we are at our best, we all know the importance of the match for our fans, we play all our games for the fans, we have more direct enemies than most clubs, because History and success, and as I said earlier we have to write our own history. “

“Matip and Fabinio trained naturally yesterday so they are likely to be on the list. Diane Lovrain will train on Monday and we cannot hurry back.”

“I don’t know the results of our total matches against United, but there were good times for the two parties, no party has an absolute advantage, both teams are trying to win, the last two years our matches outside our stadium were strange, I don’t know if I said that United always defends, but I may have done” .

“Against Tottenham we had an 80% acquisition rate after 70 minutes. This is not normal. I am not saying that United plays only rebounds, it is not criticism but it is a description.”

He added, “It is strange to have a team with high quality and United is still so. We faced the same thing against Tottenham. They are not only playing on rebounds but they were the main driver. If people want to see this as criticism then I will not change what I said.”

“I think we face most of the time defending teams, we always have to try to control and create opportunities and attack. It only works if we use the entire stadium, and this makes you vulnerable to rebounds in the event of losing the ball, so we have to make sure not to lose the ball.”

“We analyzed all the matches, how can we know how they will play? There is a huge difference between playing at Old Trafford and Anfield, we have to show that, it is a football match and it requires perfection and this is clear.”

Manchester United have not beat Liverpool since their 2-1 victory in the 2017-2018 season, and since then in 3 games, they have lost a game and drawn twice in a row.

One of the journalists asked Klopp about changing the date of the African Cup of Nations to explode the German coach, saying: “Do you really want to talk about this matter? I cannot respect the African Cup of Nations more than I do, love it and watch it a lot, and difficult circumstances exist in many times “.

“It is a real problem for an international tournament to be held in the middle of the season. I understand that it seems logical for the tournament to be played in the winter because their weather will be better.”

“It is a problem because FIFA will play a tournament in 2021, a week or more after the start of the Nations Cup on its summer date, and I mentioned that previously.”

“It does not help African players, we will not sell Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah or Nabi Kita because they will not be available in January of course not, but if you think about buying an African player, you need to think that they will not be available after that in January,” he added.

“That is a catastrophe, if we say that our player will not participate, he will be suspended, how can the club who pays the player’s salary not decide such things, if he is injured and we say that he cannot play, we must send him to Africa in order to be examined.”

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) had announced earlier that the date for the 2021 Nations Cup would be modified from January 9 to February 6.

Klopp’s attack did not stop there to continue: “We have no opinion, we are only planning, those things should not go this way, I am talking about them now and no one will ever listen, they will say we are shouting again in Liverpool and that is a waste of time.”

“As long as nothing changes, I will keep saying those words over and over again. It is about the players, not about me,” he said.

“The World Cup for new clubs in 2021 gives clubs a lot of money. I know that people will say that if you play fewer games it will take less money, I am ready for that, these tournaments are held with the participation of players, and they do not get a rest.”

“FIFA must interfere because it does not seem to have a hand in the matter. It is an odd situation. If you want fewer games you will get less money, I will say well, I am ready for that,” he added.

“I feel very much what happened to Harry Kane, because he may be absent from the Euro Championship due to a large number of matches. It is not easy. Nobody thinks about the players. All authorities must unite to solve these matters.”

He added, “Nobody talks to the other, they only make decisions. Ask a club what you think about playing an additional match. If you win, it is great, and if you lose, no one will remember. You pressure the players in all these circumstances. Everyone has some reason to continue the competitions and add new competitions.” That is a problem. ”

Finally, a journalist asked him: Do you think you are the best coach in the world? Klopp replied, “No, I’m not sure I am.”

Manchester United will visit Liverpool in the 23rd round of the English Premier League on Sunday.

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