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Our Egyptian star Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Aston Villas English Pavilion, interviewed BN Sports about his experience with the Finans and his football career.

Trezeguet talked about the reason for naming this title at the beginning, saying: “The name came from Badr Rajab, my coach, and it has a great credit for me. I was a top scorer for Al-Ahly football school team because I played in the center of the striker and gave me the name Trezeguet because I was cutting my hair the way the famous French striker.”

And about his first professional experience with the Belgian Anderlecht shirt, Wasel: “I faced difficulties in Belgium at the beginning and joined after a month since the start of the season because of the slow negotiations with Al-Ahly, and for another month I adapt to the atmosphere in the exercises and watch the team according to the instructions of the coach.”

“The injury with the national team in the friendly match of Senegal affected the chances of my participation with Anderlecht, then I joined Mouskorn on loan and played in the African Nations Cup and then the World Cup and moved to the Turkish league.”

Rebekah Moskorn in the Belgian League scored 7 goals and made 5 in 28 games.

On his experience in Turkey with the Qasem Pasha shirt, he continued, “In the beginning I was unsuccessful, as I scored 3 goals in the first round, and by the end of the season I scored 16 goals, and then I contributed to the team’s presence in the first half of the ranking table.”

During two seasons in Turkey, the 25-year-old winger scored 71 goals in 25 games, made 18 goals for his team mates and was present in the ideal formation of the Turkish League 2018-19 season.

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Turning to talk about his transfer to Aston Villa and Ardef “It was not only Galata Saray who was seeking to join me, there were 3 big teams in Turkey that sought to join me as well as a team with a big name in Italy“.

“My dream is my life, it was playing in the English Premier League, and the performances that reached me were twice that of Aston Villa.”

And he added, “My goal since leaving Egypt and I represent Al-Ahly and my country is playing in the English Premier League, and I have reached him and I want to achieve what is appropriate for them and not to stop and continue to progress always.”

Why did he prefer to move to the Finans?There are two teams that have sought me in the English Premier LeagueAnd what contributed to the transfer is the history of the club and the presence of Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, who helped me a lot, as well as the presence of Nassif Sawiris, the owner of the club, contributed to the transfer, especially since I am very interested in psychological interaction.

“You need strength, speed, and intelligence, and I love playing in the English Premier League, which makes you not take your breath and always asks you to focus,” he added about England’s ball style.

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He continued to adapt to life in England, “The challenge for me is to reach (the level of the monster) after achieving my dream, and I adhere to the opportunity to present my best and improve permanently and wish what is lacking.”

“I attend the club on a daily basis and I am constantly trying to learn from coach Dean Smith and assistant coach John Terry, because I have acquired from them experiences that I have gained in many years.”

Moving on to talk about the Egyptian national team, “The national team always has players with special abilities, and we have a strong technical apparatus led by Hussam Al-Badri, and we are seeking to start a new period after the end of the last period, with its sweet and bitter past.”

Egypt suffered in the start of the African Nations Cup 2021 qualifiers, as they tied with Kenya and Comoros.

And finally about his goals with Aston Villa this season, “Our goal is to stay in the English Premier League, which is the most important because the main team strength is mostly running for the first time together, as we join 7 new players next to 3 or 4 basic names, and if we complete the next season, we may do a different job.”

He continued, “In the League Cup, it was not an easy journey, and we aim to overcome Leicester City after a tie, one way for each team, and playing at Wembley in the final match.”

Trezeguet has scored 3 goals this season and has created the same Felins jersey in all competitions.

“My personal goal? I want to succeed at the moment, which opens the way for me to reach my distant goals. When I succeed in my goal, I will reach what I want.”

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