FilGoal | News | Egypt Club coach: Abdullah Al-Saeed said to the referee: “If a man expels me”


Abdel Nasser Mohamed, the coach of the Egypt Club, attacked the referee of his team’s match against Pyramids, Tarek Magdy, who expelled 3 players from his team in the 2-1 victory for the guests.

“What happened against Pyramids has nothing to do with football,” Mohamed told Cairo and Al-Nas after the end of the match.

He added, “No referee can expel 3 players from Al-Ahly or Zamalek. The referee was unable to expel Abdullah Al-Saeed.”

“Ahmed Fathi, Tariq Hamed and many players are making strong interventions and stronger protests against the referees, but no one can touch them,” he stressed.

“How do I complete the match with 7 players, before the Football Association implemented the video technology (the world will be ruined)?”

In subsequent statements to MBC Egypt, he said: “Can a referee fire 3 players at once from Al Ahly, Zamalek or Pyramids … of course not, but it happens to us because we are a team without back.”

He added, “The referee was not able to fire Abdullah Al-Saeed, who assaulted elbow in the face of the Egypt player.”

The coach of Egypt revealed, “The team players have informed me that Abdullah Al-Saeed said to the referee (if a man expels me), Abdullah shouted in the face of the referee and did not expel him.”

“Can any referee be able to show the second yellow card in the face of Tariq Hamid when he waved his hands to protest the ruling decisions?” Abdel Nasser Mohamed asked.

“I trust that God will compensate us, because we are doing well,” he concluded.

In one of the most exciting games in the Egyptian league this season, Pyramids turned back from a goal against Egypt Club to win two goals in the 15th round of the competition.

Pyramids won the match at the War College stadium, witnessed many hot and exciting events and declared 3 red cards.

Pyramids raised its score to point 26 in third place in the Egyptian league table, and Egypt’s balance at point 11 was frozen in last place.

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