FilGoal | News | Going past Al-Ahly’s historical number .. Esperance guarantees prominence and qualifies with hope


Officially qualified. Within the lead, he surpassed Al-Ahly’s historical figure. All of this was achieved by Esperance in a draw with Raja Casablanca.

Esperance club tied Raja Casablanca with two goals for each team at Rades Stadium, in the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The tie is at the top of the fourth group of Esperance. He broke the previous Al-Ahly club number in 20 consecutive games without losing in the CAF Champions League.

Esperance advanced in the 33rd minute. A cross that Abd al-Raouf bin Ghaith met with a header, hitting the back of Badr Banoun and settling into the window of hope, so that the first half ended with the owners of the land advancing with a goal.

In the second game, Raja tied in the 49th minute. A rocket shot from Fabrice Najat collided in the crossbar, then in the back of Moez Bin Sharifiya, and lived in the window.

The creeping hope did not stop here, so Badr Banoun added a second goal in the 67th minute, but this time for his team. A corner kick to the right of the Esperance goal was crossed into the penalty area, where the defenders dealt with it with great fanfare, which led to preparing the ball in front of Badr Banoun, who received the ball with a missile and placed the ball into the net.

The Esperance players did not lose the matter, and substitute Fadi Bin Shouq scored the equalizer in the 81st minute from the first touch after his entry, ending the match with a two-goal tie for each team.

The draw raised the Esperance balance to point 11 in the group’s lead, while Rajas balance rose to eighth points in second place.

In the last round, Esperance will meet JS Kabylie in Algeria, while Raja will play Vita Club in Morocco. Two games without value after the group’s finalists, and their ranking.

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