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For the sake of African glory and the privilege of participating in the Olympics. Egypt’s hand will meet Tunisia today, Sunday, in the final of the 24th edition of the African Cup of Nations in Tunisia.

Final Repeats for the tenth time in history out of 24 copies. A guide enough for you to understand the map of the game in the African continent.

The show repeats in the final for the third time in a row as well. For the eighth time since 2004 out of 10 copies.

Egypt has 6 titles for the African Handball Cup. For the record 10 for Tunisia, the record holder for the championship.

_ _ _

Egypt and Tunisia, aside from the search for the African coronation, the search for honor will also be greater, which is participation in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The winner of the African Nations Handball Championship final participates directly in the Tokyo Olympics. As for the loser, it will turn into a supplement with teams from other continents, whose lottery has already been determined.

_ _ _

The results of all continents affect each other with handball. The results of the European Championship currently being held also served the Egyptian team, after Spain and Croatia qualified for the final, while Norway won the third place after defeating Slovenia.

The situation is now as follows ..

The African Nations champion between Egypt and Tunisia will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics directly. The second and third places are converted to the playoffs.

The dose was already performed. If Egypt loses to Tunisia, it will participate in the stadium as (the eighth World Cup), and thus will be in the group with the teams of Norway, Chile, and South Korea. The first and second of each group qualify for the Olympics, so Egypt will have a good chance of qualifying.

Egypt will be in that group, given that the sixth or seventh world will actually qualify for the Olympics directly between Spain and Croatia, according to the winner of the European Nations final.

The Appendix will be held next April, and each group will be held in a country. Egypt group will be established in Norway.

The first and second places from each group qualify for the Olympics. Thus Norway, together with Egypt, will be the leading candidates from the group to qualify.

But what about Tunisia? If Tunisia loses the final of the African Nations against Egypt, it will play the supplement in the group of France, Portugal, and the losers from the European Nations final between Spain and Croatia.

_ _ _ It reviews the history of the confrontations between Egypt and Tunisia in the final of the African Championships.

– The Egyptian team won four of six titles at the expense of the Tunisian team.

– The Tunisian team won five of ten titles at the expense of the Egyptian team

The history of the confrontations Catali came:


In the second edition of the tournament, Tunisia won the title for the second time in a row, this time at the expense of Egypt 15-14, before Egypt’s results were excluded and deprived of the silver medal.


In the third edition of the Africa Cup of Nations competition, Tunisia defeated the Egyptian team in the final match 17-17 in the tournament held in the Republic of the Congo.


The Egyptian team succeeded in defeating Tunisia in the championship held in Côte d’Ivoire, for the Pharaohs to achieve the second title in a row


The Pharaohs won the fourth title in the history of Egypt, after winning the Tunisia national team 28-28 in the final match held in Egypt


The Tunisian team raised its titles to seven after beating Egypt in the final match 26-21 in the championship held in Tunisia.


The Egyptian team succeeded in achieving its fifth title in the championship that was held in Angola after defeating Tunisia 25-27 in the final match.


For the fourth time in a row, the tournament final was held between Egypt and Tunisia, and although Egypt organized the tournament on its soil, Tunisia managed to snatch the title by winning 24-21 in the final match.


Returning to the final between the Pharaohs and the Carthage Eagles, after the absence of two copies, and Egypt won against Tunisia 21-19 in the final match of the tournament held in the Cairo Stadium


The Tunisian team managed to raise its tally to 10 continental titles after defeating Egypt in the final held by Gabon, 26-24.

The path of the Pharaohs and the Carthage Eagles in the current version

Egypt qualified for the quarter-finals after leading their group with the full score by defeating the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea and Kenya.

And the Pharaohs were at the top of the quarter-finals group by defeating Angola and Gabon, before Egypt defeated Algeria in the semi-finals.

As for the Tunisian national team, they qualified for the quarter-finals, after being alone at the top of their group, by defeating Cap Verde, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire.

His group also tops the quarter-finals at the expense of the Algerian and Moroccan teams, before the Carthage Eagles beat Angola in the semi-finals.

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