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Mohamed Essam El-Tayyar, the Al-Ahly club goalkeeper and the Egyptian handball team, revealed the scenes of the final night of the last African Nations Cup match, in the face of the Tunisian national team.

The Pharaohs conquered the Carthage Eagles in the gymnasium of Rades stadium among their fans and overcame them 22-27, and they managed to hijack the direct qualification card for the Tokyo Olympics next summer, and raise their balance for the seventh title in their history.

The pilot said in an exclusive interview with“The night of the match was difficult for everyone, and coach Garcia Barondo managed to prepare us psychologically for the wonderful match.”

He continued, “The technical staff prepared video clips for all Tunisian players, and we can say that it was a purely artistic night during which we only talk about the plan that we will go through in the meeting, and this was a wonderful return for not thinking or focusing with the expected public presence.”

And about the riots that took place at the end of the match by throwing bottles at Egypt’s players, the pilot said: “We dealt with the crowd with a kind of intelligence and experience despite the presence of a number of young players.”

“The big players succeeded in transferring their expertise to the players to deal with the situation in order to extract all skills during the confrontation,” he added.

Goalkeeper competition:

Speaking of competition in the goalkeeping center, the pilot said: “I represent with the duo Karim Hindawi and Muhammad Ali, the triangle of protecting the Egyptian team’s den. The relationship is good between us and everyone knows his role and does it to the fullest.”

He also explained, “Venue Lucert, the goalkeeper coach who has been with us since the last world championship, had a great role in our qualification and the level that we have appeared throughout the tournament, in addition to the good spirit between us and the honest competition to protect Egypt’s goal.”

On the importance of this title, which is his first with the national team of men, he replied, “A wonderful and indescribable sense of a precious title, which everyone will remember long for having obtained it from the heart of Tunisia.”

“For 10 years, since 2010, everyone has forgotten that the Carthage Eagles will achieve the title in Cairo, and he is also qualified for the Olympics, which has been among my dreams since practicing handball, and it is an honor for any player to participate in this great forum. I hope it will not be the last.”

“Winning this championship in that way is a history that I will remember all my life.”


Finally, by moving to talk about his next ambitions, the pilot said: “My dreams and my aspirations with handball are limitless, and I seek to get out of the local player’s circle to the international level.”

“Professionalism is my next dream, and I received some offers, but I have not yet settled on any of them. To be a world class classified goalkeeper is what I work and strive to reach and it is not difficult for any Egyptian player, and we have proven this in all the international partnerships that we have been in.”

“I also dream of reaching the golden square in the next world championship in Egypt, because we have a wonderful generation of players capable of that, and everyone saw that we beat Portugal, which appeared well in the last European Championship.”

“I hope the Egyptian public will always support us and encourage us, because we are not quoting the stars of any other sport, and we have the right to be recognized by all and for the media to shed more light on us. Egyptian handball is currently in its best era and we are achieving results that can be said to be better than what football achieves , And we deserve everyone to be seen as stars. ”

6 teams qualified to participate in the men’s handball competition in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which is Japan, the owner of the world, Denmark, world champion, Spain, European champion in its last edition, Argentina, the gold medal player in the American Games 2019, Bahrain, who qualified from the Asian qualifiers held in Doha, in addition to the crowned Egypt Recently the African Handball Championship.

There are 6 other teams left to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics after the World Attache in next April.

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