FilGoal | News | Hazem Imam: Badji’s deal could create a crisis for Feiler … and that’s how it will be resolved


Alio Badji – Al-Ahly – Photo from Al-Ahly’s official website

Hazem Imam, the legend of Zamalek, the former Egyptian football and analyst of On Sport, believes that Al-Ahly’s contract with Senegalese Alliot Badji may create a crisis for Renie Fyler, the red giant’s coach.

Al-Ahly contracted Senegalese striker Alio Badji from Austria Rapid Vienna for 4 and a half years. (See details)

Hazem Imam spoke about the deal, saying: “Al-Ahly’s list shows that Feiler will rely mainly on Badji.”

He added in his remarks with, “Given the matches of Al-Ahly and those who participate, we will find that Ajay plays in the same position, meaning that he will be No. 2, and then Marwan Mohsen as number 3, then Salah Mohsen as number 4. All of these are substitutes.”

“If Azzaro continues, you are talking about 4 players in one position who are not participating, and that will definitely make pressure and a crisis for Feiler,” he noted.

“He has to reduce the matter he has to reduce this number. Al-Ahly definitely needs the departure of a foreign player for the registration of Badji, so the choice may be on Azzaro.”

“While on the artistic side, logic says that the departure of Giraldo persists,” he added.

“Geraldo does not participate mainly and there are those who play in his position. Azzaro previously presented his credentials and has a balance with Al-Ahly, unlike Geraldo, who has no clear imprint yet.”

Badji participated in Al-Ahly’s training for the first time, after he formally joined the Red Genie.

The Aliyo deal is the second and last for Al-Ahly after contracting with Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba”.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Arab contractors on Sunday at 7:30 pm in the 14th round of the Egyptian League.

Al-Ahly occupies the top of the Egyptian league with 33 points from victory in 11 consecutive games in the local competition.

In the African Champions League, Al-Ahly occupies second place with 7 points, two points behind the first coastal star, and the third Sudanese Al-Hilal is chasing it by a point.

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