FilGoal | News | It is impossible, Italy .. Atalanta destroyed Turin 7-0 and achieved the biggest victory in its history


A terrible new result occurred in the Italian league and its hero, as usual, Atalanta and the victim this time Turin.

Atlanta destroyed Torino by seven to none in the 21st round of the Italian League.

Before we start talking about goals, we have to remind you that the Seven-Atalanta is his second this season! Yes, a victory twice sevenfold.

He defeated the club seven-to-one against Udinese in the ninth round of the league. He triumphed over Milan and Parma and now It achieved the biggest victory in its history, seven against none.

The biggest victory in the history of Atalanta, before today, Saturday, was against Udinese 7-1 this season and in front of Triesteina 7-1 in the 1951-52 season, but now the number goes to the 2019-20 season.

The fall of the Sevenfold for nothing is The biggest defeat in the history of Turin in the Italian LeagueEqual to his defeat against Milan in 1950.

The biggest victory in the history of Italian football remains the Golden Generation for Turin when it crushed Alessandria with ten goals without a response in 1948.

Atalanta scored the biggest victory for any team away from home in Serie A history.

Now let’s talk about the goals.

Josep Ilyich (trilogy), Luis Morrill (bi), Robin Gusens goal, Dovan Zapata goal.

Ilicic opened the scoring first in the 17th minute after he took advantage of a defensive mistake from Turin, to score from inside the penalty area after a cross in front of the empty net.

Then Robin Gusense fired a shot in the 29th minute from the edge of the penalty area after Torinos defensive cross was taken off the corner.

Before the break, the referee awarded a penalty kick to Atalanta around Dovan Zapata at the net.

In the 53rd minute, Ilicic scored an incredible goal from just from midfield.

The referee awarded Atalanta a hand touch in the middle of the field, to surprise everyone, and direct him into the net.

Ilicic completed the hat-trick in the 54th minute with a shot from inside the penalty area.

In the 85th minute, the referee awarded a new penalty kick to Atalanta, and this time Luis Muriel successfully converted him into the net.

The seventh and final goal came from Moriel in the 88th minute with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area.

Atalanta reached point 38 in fourth place equally with Rome, while Turin at point 27 in freezing tenth place.

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