FilGoal | News | Khalil Hajji in Joule: I do not know how things are going on in Ismaili .. Deal with me in a bad way


Khalil Hajji, famous for “Neymar”, was amazed at the way he dealt with him in the Ismaili Club before breaking his contract with the Dervishes. revealed that Al-Ismaili club agreed to the departure of Khalil Neymar during the current winter transfer period after joining the Dervish last summer.

Hajji told “I don’t know how things are going on inside the Ismaili club, and I don’t know why I didn’t participate in any games with the team.”

“They treated me very badly during my time in Ismaili, and I did not receive any good treatment from any person or official inside the club,” he added.

“When Muhammad Salah Abu Greisha asked me to join Ismaili at the beginning of the season, I quickly agreed and signed them,” he said.

“Didier Gomez, the new Ismaili coach, took over a few days ago and the players do not yet know how to ask for me to be dispensed with,” he continued.

“I participated in a friendly match against Arsenal and provided a good level. After the confrontation, Mohamed Salah, the Al-Shawakish coach, asked me to join his team.”

“Then I was surprised that the Ismaili decided to rescind my contract,” he said.

“I have not faced the ill-treatment I faced in Ismaili anywhere else,” he said.

Khalil Hajji joined Ismaili ranks last summer after Zamalek abandoned him. had revealed several months ago the intention of Ismaili to rescind his contract with Khalil Hajji. (See details)

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