FilGoal | News | Maran Al-Ahly – 3 sessions with Al-Khatib .. Ramadan continues qualification


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly Marran, attended the team on Monday, during which he held 3 sessions.

The first preacher session She was with Rennie Filer, coach and Amir Tawfiq, the contracts manager, before he met the players at Mukhtar Al-Tech stadium to talk about the crucial Sudanese Al-Hilal match in the African Champions League journey next Saturday.

The second session She was with Ramadan Sobhi, the team’s wing, who underwent physical training in the gym, then completed the program in the stadium with Tariq Abdel Aziz, a qualification specialist, and also performed light exercises for the ball in preparation for the next stage.

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As for The third session, It was between Al-Khatib and the team’s assistants, Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Ammar Hamdi.

Al-Ahly is expected to discuss the offers submitted to the duo nominated for the exit loan, as the first is close to Smouha and the second is among the first in the army.

Fyler held a lecture for the players, before setting off in hospital training exercises for the group that won the coastal star 1-0 in the fifth round of the CAF Champions League group stage.

Feiler dedicated light ball training modules to the core group.

Al-Ahly defeated the coastal star, 1-0, in the fifth round of the CAF Champions League. (See details)

The goal of Al-Ahly’s victory came by Junior Ajay to leave all scenarios available before the last round against the Sudanese Crescent. (Learn all the scenarios of Al-Ahly’s arrival in the Africa Quarter-finals)

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