FilGoal | News | Rapid Vienna reveals to Joule why Badji had few targets with them … and why they abandoned him


Peter Klengmueller, director of public relations and media and an official spokesman for Rapid Vienna, said that the fact of the shirt of Alio Badji, the new Al-Ahly striker, was not a major reason for his sale, as he talked about the player’s advantages and the low rate of scoring with the Austrian club, in an exclusive interview with .

First of all, we would like to answer a question that preoccupies the masses, what is the reason behind the low scoring rate for Badji with Rapid Vienna?

“First of all, I have to clarify something about the lack of registration, he joined in February 2019, it took time for him to integrate with the team.”

“He is of great quality, good player, very persistent and physically strong.”

“He was participating, but not by much, because our team had already prepared and there became a core strength. It is true that he joined to reinforce our offensive strength, but his integration with his colleagues is important for understanding on the field.”

“He came to us and it was like starting from scratch. He scored almost 6 goals with us and that was good for us.”

“We can even be considered one of our best scorers of that period.”

“During the current season, the start was not good, he scored only 3 goals and this is not a strong number, but you have to understand the situation, he is in a new club and a new country and there is a language barrier, everything was new and of course it took time to merge.”

Badji played 34 games in all competitions with his team, during which he scored 9 goals and made 3 others.

So, what do you think of him and I speak from the fact that you naturally watched all his matches?

“My opinion about it? Of course, he is a good striker, very strong and ambitious and he wants to play a lot all the time. This was a predominant feature he has been training and he never stops trying.”

“I can describe it as being good at playing head, strong and fast.”

What about the shirt’s position, was it a direct and major reason for selling it?

“Well, the shirt position happened in what happened, and he angered the masses who objected very much and I think it was one of the reasons for his departure.”

“But the shirt was not the reason for his direct departure, we have the Japanese striker Koya Kitagawa who is very good, and also the Greek taxiars Fontas, who is an international player.”

“Badji was very good, understood the situation and apologized to all and the masses for that snapshot, we understand that and we understand what happened of them, of course.”

Badji wore the Red Bull Salzburg player’s Batson Dhaka shirt, causing great controversy and anger at his Rapid Vienna fans, but the player apologized to his fans.

So the main reason?

“Badji wanted to play, but Kitagawa imposed himself in the formation and became an important player, and thus it became difficult to push him in matches continuously alongside Fontas, which made it difficult to compete for his position.”

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