FilGoal | News | Shawqi Al-Saeed: I intentionally hurt Walid Suleiman in the cup final because of what he did


Shawky Al-Saeed, former defender of Zamalek and Ismaili, admitted intentionally “harming” Walid Suleiman in the Cup Final 2015-16 season.

Zamalek defeated Al-Ahly 3-1 in the Cup final in 2016 in a meeting that witnessed the participation of Shawqi Al-Saeed and Walid Suleiman, and wholesale skirmishes between the players of the two teams at the end of the meeting.

Shawky Al-Saeed went back in memory to talk about that match, saying: “I intentionally entered Walid Suleiman in the cup final.”

“I deliberately harmed Walid Suleiman because he insulted me and violated my right throughout the match,” he added in his comments on Time Sports.

He revealed, “I spoke with Hussam Ghaly during the match and told him what Walid Suleiman was doing, but the latter continued to provoke me and decided to harm him.”

“He intentionally and intentionally interfered with Walid Suleiman’s ankle because of what he had done to me throughout the match.”

The 33-year-old played 10 games in the Zamalek jersey and managed to score once.

The Ismaili, El Gouna, and former Alexandrian defender are not affiliated with any team at this time.

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