FilGoal | News | Sporting For Joule: Tanzanian Shiza fled to Simba


Sporting Club announced the flight of its Tanzanian player, Shiza, and his transfer to Simba Tanzanian ranks.

Ahmed Farouq, the sporting director of Sporting for, said, “The loaned Tanzanian Shisa from Farco fled to Simba Tanzania.”

“The player’s agent told us he had an offer, but we refused because we needed the services of the player who participated in 4 games and scored two goals.”

“But we were surprised by a letter from his agent that the player moved to Simba.”

The 23-year-old is spending this season on loan from Varco.

Since December 29, the Tanzanian has missed the group leader Alexandria in the third division.

Farouk added, “We were damaged because we have replaced and will not be able to register a new player.”

“He was different with Varco in material detail, and we were involved in his problem,” he added.

The international Shiza participated with Enppi last season and left the petroleum team due to his absence from training and his travel to Tanzania for a month, so Enppi decided to cancel his contract.

He joined Varco and Farco did not need a player who decided to loan him to Sporting.

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